Dakar resilience strategy

By joining 100 Resilient Cities - Pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation, Dakar hopes to accelerate its evolution to become a model African city, which will have successfully aligned its rich heritage to opportunities that the 21st century offers. Dakar is also a microcosm of the challenges that a majority of African cities experience, and could serve as a sandbox for local solutions to challenges posed by rapid and complex urbanization. Dakar thus foresees becoming a flexible and evolving city that adapts to be more robust, capable, and equipped to recover from socio-economic as well as climatic and environmental stresses.  Dakar will achieve this vision through five strategic objectives:

  1. PROMOTE AN INCLUSIVE RESILIENCE AGENDA BY AND FOR DAKAR CITIZENS We will put those who live in Dakar firmly at the heart of the resilience strategy in laying the foundations for active and sustainable citizen participation
  2. PROVIDE A HEALTHY LIVING ENVIRONMENT TO DAKAR’S CITIZENS We will make Dakar a pleasant city to live in by building more green spaces and ensuring a better system for citizens and professionals to manage waste
  3. POSITION THE PRIVATE SECTOR AS A RESILIENCE PARTNER We will foster and support the involvement of the private sector - both formal and informal - in building resilience
  4. LEVERAGE ENERGY EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGIES TO SUPPORT THE CITY’S RESILIENCE We will leverage the wasted potential of energy saving technologies to solve long-standing unresolved electricity challenges
  5. PROMOTE INCLUSIVE AND EFFICIENT GOVERNANCE We will put in place collaborative platforms that encourage all stakeholders to take part in initiatives which support resilience
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