Delivery Unit for the Prime Minister of Guinea

The Government of Guinea contracted Dalberg to launch and run a Delivery Unit (DU) within the Prime Minister’s office to improve delivery on key government initiatives. Dalberg designed and ran pilot projects in three areas: (i) Agriculture- through supporting the pineapple value chain, (ii) Mining- through supporting the implementation of a training and capacity-building initiative, and (iii) Governance- through supporting cooperation and coordination mechanism. The DU positioned itself as a reference point for the realization of the Government’s flagship initiatives through the development and incubation of effective, sustainable, and results-oriented implementation and governance approaches.

Within this framework, the DU supported three key interventions: (i) strengthening the training system for skilled workers; (ii) strengthening the Higher Institute of Mines and Geology (HIMG, Institut Supérieur de Mines et Géologie) and the construction of the School of Excellence of Mines and Geology (Ecole d’Excellence en Mines et Géologie); and (iii) the development of a support program for SMEs supplying to mining companies.

Through our efforts, we created direct impact by i) doubling agricultural sector turnover, ii) doubling farmers’ revenues, and iii) creating over 1,500 jobs.

Our involvement also contributed to value chain restructuring by i) improving access to finance by implementing two financing facilities, ii) modernizing production by training twelve young technicians to midsize farm management, and iii) strengthening farmers’ associations by mobilizing $200,000 in capacity enhancement.

Lastly, our catalytic impact constituted i) directly investing $6 million to the DU, ii) providing technical assistance worth $2 million, and iii) building two local processing plants.

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