Is Covid-19 Africa’s gender pandemic?

From New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Covid-19 has been shining a light on women and paving the way for new thinking in global leadership. But, in Africa, has it been so? This Forbes Africa article looks at the gender lens of the pandemic.

A July 2020 article in Forbes Africa looks at women’s roles in stories of the pandemic in Africa and presents the question, ‘Why are they missing in the stories of the pandemic?”

A quote from Dalberg Partner Madji Sock captures her observations: “The face of the emergency response institutions in the countries [that I’ve worked in] have been 100% male. However, women continue to be very present, for example, in the Ministry of Health… but in terms of the response, where it’s more military-like, men tend to be in [leadership] positions.”

 “We have a lot of work to do [in order] to make leadership and decision-making in the ‘war room’ more gendered,” she notes.

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