KEPSA Vaccine rollout

Dalberg Implement supported the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) in the design and implementation of a strategy to enable the private sector in Kenya to participate in national vaccination efforts. The initiative was designed to coordinate private sector organizations to meet the costs of vaccinating their employees and dependents. Under a one-to-one model, organizations could also purchase vaccines for members of the public for every vaccine they procured for their staff, to promote equitable access to the vaccines.

As part of this support, Dalberg Implement:

  1. Developed a background document mapping out the vaccine landscape in Kenya by examining the demand and supply of vaccines, as well as the infrastructural considerations
  2. Mapped out the vaccine supply chain to understand key areas of consideration when procuring, storing, and delivering vaccines to the public
  3. Engaged with key stakeholders to test and validate the mapping exercise
  4. Developed agreement documents and engaged with relevant government entities to facilitate the coordinated efforts between KEPSA and the Government
  5. Led communication efforts to rally members of the private sector towards the initiative
  6. Coordinated the aggregation of vaccine orders, reconciliation of payments and provision of invoices to participating organizations
  7. Mapped out the locations of the participating organizations and facilitated the delivery of the vaccines to the last-mile user

Under this initiative, 371 private sector organizations pledged to support the procuring of one million (1M) vaccines to support the government’s efforts. This collaboration was the first of its kind in the world where the private sector came together to assist government efforts in procuring vaccines with no intention of making any profit.

Through our coordination of all private players under the existing government framework and government oversight, this engagement presents lessons on effective stakeholder management and large-scale project management. This successful rollout initiative presents the opportunity for replication or scaling into private sectors in other countries.

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