Our world is rapidly changing. Geopolitical and economic balances are shifting and new multilateral and regional institutions are emerging. In this increasingly complex environment, formulating the right strategy is crucial. We support governments, multilateral organizations, corporations, NGOs, and foundations to design strategies that will maximize their scale, efficiency and impact, either at the organizational level or for specific programs and markets. Our experience spans public, private, and social sectors and includes the creation of: organizational strategies, investment strategies, new initiative designs and program implementation roadmaps.

Fabiola Salman

Fabiola Salman is the leader of Dalberg’s Latin America practice, based in Mexico City. Her experience includes developing strategies for private sector development and employment by addressing regulatory and human capital barriers, designing strategies to expand access to women's health in rural areas and setting up public-private partnerships to improve public education. 

Kusi Hornberger

Kusi Hornberger is an Associate Partner in the Washington, DC office of Dalberg Advisors. Kusi co-leads Dalberg’s impact investing practice area and is particularly passionate about the use of innovative finance and technology to accelerate the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Mukhtar Amin

Mukhtar is an Associate Partner in the Dalberg Addis Ababa office where his work spans a broad range of development areas, including industrialization, labour markets, agriculture, and environment. He has provided advice on strategy, design of new initiatives, and organizational effectiveness.

Creating new pathways to global supply chains for agricultural SMEs

Agricultural small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) across Africa typically have few pathways to scaling their operations: They could invest in new machinery to increase outputs, but loans are often out of reach. Product quality and pricing could be tailored for bigger food manufacturers’ needs, but existing systems often don’t align with large-scale manufacturers’ requirements. These are but a few of the many obstacles that agricultural SMEs face when it comes to joining global supply networks. 

Kanishka Bhattacharya

Kanishka is an Associate Partner with Dalberg based in Mumbai. He advises private and public sector partners on strategy, strategy planning and management, market analysis, and monitoring and evaluation.

Vicky Johnson
Dalberg Group

Vicky is Dalberg’s Global Finance Director, based in Johannesburg. She is responsible for all aspects of the firm’s financial and risk management, including taxation, reporting, budgeting and internal risk reviews.

Vicky also oversees the global IT function and is currently involved in rolling out a new ERP system for Dalberg and updating the digital transformation strategy.

Mass Entrepreneurship as a driver for mass employment

This article originally appeared in French in the May 25, 2019 edition of Jeune Afrique. The original article can be viewed here.


Layusa Isa-Odidi

Layusa Isa-Odidi is an Associate Partner, leading Dalberg’s presence in Melbourne, Australia. She focuses on strategic planning and financing across the areas of education, employment, agriculture, and gender. 

Alexandra Stanek

Alexandra Stanek is an Associate Partner in Dalberg’s Johannesburg office. She is passionate about developing human capital and strengthening employment across the African continent. She also works extensively in industrialization and access to finance – two areas that can help economies unlock growth. 

Rym Keramane

Rym is an Associate Partner based in Dakar, Senegal. Her work covers West and North Africa, and focuses on strategic planning, program design, and implementation. She has experience in inclusive economic development, youth employment and entrepreneurship, agriculture, and ICT.