Our world is rapidly changing. Geopolitical and economic balances are shifting and new multilateral and regional institutions are emerging. In this increasingly complex environment, formulating the right strategy is crucial. We support governments, multilateral organizations, corporations, NGOs, and foundations to design strategies that will maximize their scale, efficiency and impact, either at the organizational level or for specific programs and markets. Our experience spans public, private, and social sectors and includes the creation of: organizational strategies, investment strategies, new initiative designs and program implementation roadmaps.

Creating Employment Opportunities in Cartagena

We developed strategies to restore livelihoods for those most affected by the implementation of a new Bus Rapid Transit system in Cartagena called Transcaribe. The strategies we developed will help to transition up to 5,000 vulnerable workers to stable employment.

Identifying Innovative Financing Mechanisms to Reduce the Cost of Remittances

We were engaged by the Canadian International Development Agency to analyze the major cost drivers and market failures associated with international remittances. We subsequently designed and recommended innovative financing mechanisms which could save up to $3.5 billion over five years.

Furthering Sleeping Sickness Control Efforts

We worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to re-evaluate its strategy to further sleeping sickness (Human African Trypanosomiasis, TB gambiense) control efforts, and determine the potential of a push to disease elimination.

Supporting FINCA Ecuador's Growth

We worked with FINCA Ecuador - a microfinance organization - to identify, evaluate and recommend effective strategies to remain competitive and expand its portfolio.

Promoting Growth of SMES in Latin America and the Caribbean

We designed a strategy for the Inter-American Investment Corporation to promote growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean. We developed a market assessment of needs and gaps in financing SMEs in the region, and engaged key private sector players.

Developing a Market Entry Strategy for Global Biotechnology Company

Dalberg was engaged by a global biotechnology company to develop a market entry strategy into emerging markets including Latin America, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.​

What if Global Development was Funded by Developing Countries' Money?

Making the world a better place – noble in theory, but expensive in practice and ambitious to sustain.

Youth Jobs 2.0: Five Powerful Ways to Harness Digital Technology to Curb Youth Unemployment

Five million. That’s how many jobs our global economy needs to create each month to absorb everyone entering the job market in the next decade. Based on today’s numbers, nearly half those jobs will be for youth.

Vanishing Vaquita: Saving the World’s Most Endangered Marine Mammal

A little known marine mammal found in northwest Mexico has been gaining global press attention for weeks now – and for good reason. The vaquita – a small porpoise known as the “panda of the sea” due to the distinctive black circles around its eyes – is on the verge of extinction.

Looking to the Past to Help Shape the Future of Work

The debate around the future of jobs is a polarised one: on the one hand, there are the pessimists, who believe we should prepare now for a world of no work. On the other are the optimists, who see the current challenges within global labour markets as a mere blip in a long-term trend of growing prosperity and employment. But neither of these outcomes is predetermined, and neither perspective is entirely new.