Senior Advisor, Dalberg Advisors

Seydou joined Dalberg in 2021 as a Senior Advisor in Dakar. He is assisting Dalberg in strategy projects on several topics such as financial inclusion, young and women entrepreneurship, agriculture, and health.

He has more than 19 years of diverse professional experience across Banking and Consulting in Europe and Africa. He is specialized in transformation projects and supported that practice at PwC for more than 15 years in France, Morocco, and Sénégal.

Seydou has a passion for agriculture and has been managing a farm for more than 8 years now. He recently supported the National Union for Trade & industry to build a strategy to empower women in the Agriculture value chain. This included various focus groups with public stakeholders but also women in agriculture in different regions in Senegal.  The strategy intended to Facilitate trade (i) between women in different segments of value chains; and (ii) for women with other actors in the agricultural sector, to pool women’s material and financial resources allowing for investments and economies of scale (e.g., sharing of machinery, joint purchase of fertilizer, etc.) and to centralize women’s needs for training, financing and regulation – thus revitalizing capacity building efforts for women and youth.

Seydou is also involved in Dalberg projects with GAVI, consisting of building capacity for Vaccination programs in different Health Ministries in Africa.

Also leveraging his experience in the Financial industry and transformation projects, Seydou is assisting a regional development bank in designing and implementing an investment Bank dedicated to Young entrepreneurs.

Seydou is a graduate of Sorbonne University in Paris. He holds a Post Master’s degree in Banking and Finance. He is fluent in French and English.

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