Shyam Sundaram
Associate Partner ,

Shyam Sundaram is an Associate Partner at Dalberg Advisors and leads our work in Talent, Trainings and Leadership programs. In particular, Shyam works with clients to find the best strategies and approaches to attract, activate and unleash their organizational talent. Among other engagements, he has worked with a UN organization to design a virtual leadership program for emerging leaders, designed standalone skill-focused training programs for large donor agencies and foundations, and worked with a leading donor to understand how to better design capacity building programs and activities focused on national policy makers.  Shyam also leads much of our work on strategy and organizational effectiveness – particularly when it comes to organizations working at the intersection of agriculture, nutrition and technology – helping organizations in this space to define their strategic goals and design more effective programs. 

Prior to this role, Shyam served as Chief of Staff at Dalberg Advisors - supporting the growth of the firm, implementing a number of strategic initiatives, and generally helping the firm to work effectively across its regions, business lines and 20+ offices.  Immediately prior to joining Dalberg, Shyam worked with the World Bank Group focusing on disaster risk management in the Middle East North Africa region. Shyam also previously consulted for the Inter-American Development Bank and has worked with a number of NGOs in the conflict resolution sector including the International Crisis Group. Shyam holds a MS with honors from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and a BA with honors from Brown University. He is fluent in French and Tamil.