Representing four different offices and three different entities, we are thrilled to announce the election of seven new Dalberg Partners. As the most senior leaders in the firm, Partners play a leading role in stewarding Dalberg’s mission and business, deepening and growing the group’s impact, developing the next generation of social impact leaders, and ensuring that Dalberg continues to deliver exceptional client service across all regions, sectors, and practice areas.

Dalberg Advisors — Nairobi

Oliver Nambiro joined Dalberg in 2014 and leads Finance & Operations for Africa. He has stewarded and led all aspects of Dalberg’s financial, risk, and operational functions through a period of robust growth as the firm has continued to expand on the continent. He is particularly focused on the intricacies of finance in the context of international development since there are numerous critical nuances and “the threshold for failure must remain very low.”

When asked to reflect on his journey, Oliver shared that, “Ironically, I swore not to follow my father’s finance profession; but it’s been an incredible, growth-filled journey that’s shown me how finance can be used as a tool for good.”

The most important leadership lesson he has learned? “In the words of Simon Sinek, ‘leaders eat last.’”

Dalberg Advisors — Mumbai

Jyothi Vynatheya Oberoi joined Dalberg in 2013 and focuses on public health, strategy, talent and leadership, and monitoring, impact and, evaluation. She joined Dalberg because she says it offered “the best balance of big-picture and day-to-day objectives that I was searching for in a career.” She has stayed because of the value that Dalberg provides to its clients which, in her words, can be summarized as “healthy dissatisfaction… we celebrate progress but we are not complacent.”

When asked what development challenge keeps her up at night, she wrote “Resources spent unwisely. Every development challenge poses an existential threat to something or someone — the effective use of money, people, and knowledge is what concerns me.”

Dalberg Advisors — Washington, DC

John Sartori joined Dalberg in 2016 and is Chief Financial Officer for the Americas. He has led all aspects of Dalberg’s financial, risk, and operational functions in the U.S. and Latin America as Dalberg’s headcount and impact footprint have continued to grow. When John reflected on what motivates him about the future, he shared “The ever-growing interest in and focus on the social impact sector gives me hope — as does the inflow of deeply talented, intelligent people committed to tackling inequalities across the world head-on.”

When asked about the most powerful leadership lesson he has learned throughout his career journey? “Listening is so much more powerful than speaking.”

Dalberg Advisors — San Francisco

Shruthi Jayaram joined Dalberg in 2015 and focuses on women’s rights, racial equity, economic mobility, and anti-violence. When asked about the international development challenges that keep her up at night, Shruthi expressed that the daily and horrific levels of violence against women and girls concerns her deeply. As a new Partner, Shruthi is eager to accelerate her work at the intersection of data and strategy to advance women’s interests and rights.

When asked what gives her hope for the future, Shruthi cited the fact that “at any given time, hundreds of Dalberg teams and clients are working tirelessly across the world to build a better future.”


Dalberg Design — Nairobi

Aika Matemu joined Dalberg in 2019 and focuses on health, human-centered design, and youth-driven design. She is deeply passionate about building a community of African design experts and, as a new Partner, is particularly excited to help “redefine the narrative and shift the perception of what design leadership looks like in 2023 and beyond.”

When asked about how design can shape the future of international development, Aika shared that, “Big answers can only be uncovered by asking bold questions — and the design process is uniquely positioned to disrupt conventional development problem solving by intentionally co-creating alongside the community and elevating their voices.”

Dalberg Design — Mumbai

Since joining Dalberg in 2016, Mumbai-based Prerak Mehta has focused on human-centered design and global health. He believes “innovation that’s rooted in the lived realities of communities” is how design can shape the future of international development, and that “stagnant progress” on a range of global challenges keeps him up at night.

Prerak’s dream project is one that would drive equitable outcomes for healthcare, financial inclusion, and technology access.

Dalberg Implement — Nairobi

Winnie Wambugu joined Dalberg in 2020 and focuses on implementation across a broad range of sectors and client types. If she had to choose a single word to describe the value of Dalberg Implement’s unique perspective, Winnie chose “localization” — taking strategy recommendations and working alongside clients to bring them to life in local contexts.

Winnie is particularly excited to deepen her work supporting women leaders in the global south as well as addressing the “unconscionable” inequalities that exist in the world today.


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