Partner, Dalberg Design

Prerak Mehta is a Partner at Dalberg Design. Based in Mumbai, his expertise lies in applying the design thinking process across domains, understanding ground realities through field research, coming up with localized solutions that are scalable in nature and getting a product or service to market. He works at the intersection of design, technology and social impact across healthcare, education, leadership development, livelihoods, enterprise solutions and business development. Prerak is regularly invited to conduct workshops on design thinking.

Prerak has experience in the manufacturing processes and costing frameworks needed to take products to market. He specializes in global health and product development, particularly for emerging market healthcare settings. He has taken products from concept to licensing for the Indian market, including a wearable heart health remote monitoring device ecosystem that will be launched in small town clinics and health centers across the country. 

Previously, at Embrace Innovations, he spearheaded product innovation and research on empowering mothers and caregivers to recognize the early signs of newborn illness like hypothermia, infection and subsequently pneumonia through technology and design intervention. He lead clinical trials for a low- cost, high- tech, wearable medical product for newborns in the area of real time, remote monitoring and diagnostics. He supervised the implementation of the manufacturing process and worked with the sales team to get the product ecosystem ready for market launch. His team won Facebook’s Innovation Challenge Impact Award.

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