We help our clients – from governments to multinationals and financial institutions – increase the supply of economically viable, environmentally sustainable, socially equitable energy.  Our expertise spans designing evidence-based strategies for entering emerging markets, developing business models for doing business with low-income consumers, policy analysis, innovative financing to find energy delivery models.

Opportunities abound in off-grid appliances market

There has been a significant growth in clean energy technology markets globally and regionally – mostly focusing on solar lanterns and solar home systems – that have benefited millions of electrified homes. However, only basic electrification services have been provided so far – typically this is enough power to charge a few phones and to power on two to four lights for four to six hours a day. This has been the case for solar solutions and also mini- and micro-grids.

Looking Beyond Off-Grid Energy to a Holistic Approach to Off-Grid Societies

Under the theme “Achieving Inclusive Growth Through Responsive and Responsible Leadership”, a thousand global leaders from the private and public sector who are helping to shape the continent’s future gathered in Durban this past week for The World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa. Discussions ranged from ending famine, to addressing the problems of apartheid in South Africa, and highlighting innovations that are transforming people’s lives across the continent.

New Report: Decentralised Renewable Energy is Important for Improving Access to Power, But Policy Gaps and Challenges Impede Growth

Governments globally realize the social and economic benefits of providing reliable and affordable power to their citizens and businesses. Over the past few years, many countries have announced ambitious electrification goals: India and Nigeria plan to reach universal electrification by 2019 and 2030 respectively.

Sonila Cook

Sonila leads Dalberg Advisors' Energy and Environment practice. Her work has included assisting the US government with a strategy for Haiti’s energy sector and assisting New York City with its engagement of consumers to combat climate change and improve environmental quality.

The Planet's Health is Essential to Prevent Infectious Disease
Originally published in The Guardian...

Studying the Demand for Off-Grid Electricity in Kenya

We studied the demand for off-grid electricity - and investment costs and potential returns of the sector. The study was conducted in 20 remotely located sites across Kenya reaching 2,000 households, small businesses and institutions.

Designing a Mini Grid Partnership Facility in Myanmar

Currently 30% of Myanmar is electrified, with over 30 million people having no access to power. The government has set a goal of 100% electrification rate by 2030. To support the achievement of this goal and promote the growth of the mini-grid sector, we worked with The Rockefeller Foundation to develop a strategy for the creation of Myanmar's first Mini-Grid Programme Facility (MPF). The MPF aims to support the electrification of approximately 26,000 villages by 2030.



A Simple, Painless Way Governments Can Help the Poor and the Environment

Around 85 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) still cook with wood, charcoal and other solid fuels. These traditional cooking techniques have dire effects on users’ health, environment and productivity.

Analyzing Taxes and Tariffs for Clean Cookstoves and Fuels in Haiti

We identified potential impacts of changing tax and tariff policies on the uptake of clean cookstoves and fuels in Haiti. If the Haitian government were to reduce the 15% tariff and tax on clean cookstoves, we predict annual sales would rise by 13%.

The State of the Off-Grid Appliance Market

With over two billion people worldwide lacking access to reliable electricity, the global off-grid appliance market is critical for increasing access to electricity and services. In particular, renewable energy technologies like the fast-growing solar portable lamps and solar home systems are helping to bridge the gap.

The First Ever Snapshot of the Global Off-Grid Appliance Market

We created the first-ever snapshot of the global off-grid appliance market, including key market trends in the most promising categories: fans, televisions and refrigerators. This data-driven analysis discusses barriers to the market's development and areas of opportunity based on insights from manufacturers, industry representatives, technical experts, policymakers and researchers.