Dalberg Announces New Research Business

Dalberg is proud to announce that Research Solutions Africa is joining the Dalberg Group as Dalberg Research, expanding Dalberg’s research capabilities. Research Solutions Africa, now Dalberg Research, brings 21 years of experience in primary research and has a strong commitment to obtaining the information required to fuel sustainable and inclusive growth across Africa. 

Dalberg Research offers a full suite of research products to answer questions about markets, consumers and lifestyles across Africa via quantitative and qualitative studies. Dalberg Research specializes in the inventory, collection, and analysis of primary research data for businesses, NGOs, governments and other institutions. Dalberg Research is also rolling out its first product, LOCAN, which is Kenya’s most comprehensive geo-spatial research database and a very powerful and affordable tool to answer questions where geographic context matters.  

Dalberg Research Managing Director Jasper Grosskurth said, “We are excited to be continuing our work with clients as a part of the Dalberg family and look forward to expanding our impact alongside other Dalberg businesses”. 

Dalberg Research complements the work of current Dalberg businesses including, Dalberg Advisors, Dalberg Design, Dalberg Capital and Dalberg Data Insights. Each Dalberg business approaches problems differently and all work together to create impact at scale. 

“We are proud to be adding to our research capabilities and expanding our capacity to have impact in new ways,” said James Mwangi, Executive Director of the Dalberg Group.

About Dalberg
We partner with and serve communities, governments, and companies throughout the world to foster inclusive and sustainable growth. Today’s complex global problems require new solutions. Each of Dalberg’s businesses approach problems differently, but all of our businesses work together to create impact at scale. Dalberg attracts and develops the best and brightest global leaders and we practice our trades with a clear purpose and an eye on progress.  

About Dalberg Research
Dalberg Research provides research and analysis that offers clients actionable solutions to their problems. We are a full service research agency with decades of experience in conducting both quantitative and qualitative field research for commercial, social and M+E related research projects. We have a strong and growing footprint in Africa, which spans across 20 countries on the continent. Our services range from survey design to data collection and analysis of findings in both Anglo and Francophone regions of Africa. 

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