Dalberg Research provides research and analysis that offers clients actionable solutions to their problems. We are a full service research agency answering questions about markets, consumers and lifestyles across more than 20 African countries via quantitative and qualitative studies. We specialize in the inventory, collection, and analysis of primary research data for businesses, NGOs, governments and other institutions. Our services range from survey design to data collection and analysis of findings in both Anglo and Francophone regions.

Dalberg Research


Market assessment studies

Market assessments help identify opportunities and gaps in a marketplace and therefore help you to properly target your customers. 

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Social research studies

Dalberg research offers quantitative surveys that can measure the scope and the success of social and development projects.

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Transport research

Transportation surveys and consultancies map out travel patterns and measure the intensity of traffic flows to help policy makers and builders better design transportation pathways and hubs. 

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Consumer research

Dalberg Research offers two different but complementary methods of measuring customer care:  mystery shopping and customer satisfaction surveys. 

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Advertising research

Through advertising research you can track the efficacy of an ad by measuring its ability to command attention, communicate the message, build the brands’ image and ultimately motivate the consumer to purchase the product or service.

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LOCAN is Kenya’s most comprehensive geo-spatial research database.

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