Ground-breaking study of 25 most responsible asset allocators

The Bretton Woods II program at New America has unveiled a new ranking of the world’s most responsible sovereign wealth and government pension funds. The initiative, developed in partnership with the Global Development IncubatorDalberg, and the Fletcher School at Tufts, analyzed over 120 funds comprising $20 trillion in assets, ultimately identifying 25 SWF and GPF that set a global standard for leadership. The initiative provides the first comprehensive analysis of how the world’s largest long-term investors are developing sophisticated new strategies to manage social, governance and environmental risks.

The project evaluated almost 300 asset allocators, eventually performing a detailed analysis on 125 that met a series of high-level selection criteria. The 125 funds were evaluated on 10 principles including disclosure, integration, commitment, and accountability. The combined assets of the 25 funds on the Leaders List would be larger than the GDP of every country but the U.S. and China.  A one percent allocation of total assets to to sustainable investments in the developing world would be equal to twice as much as all loans and financial services extended to developing countries by the IBRD in 2016. The list includes SWF and GPF from Africa, Australasia, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. Canada had the highest number of funds represented on the list with six of the 25.

Learn more about the ranking.

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